Lots of starling young

I wanted to tell you how I have many starlings nesting in the trees by my house and I've been feeding them and enjoying the beautiful songs and how they will all come to feed at once it's really something though does deplete my food source quickly!

Well since attracting these beautiful birds they have all had young and yesterday my son and I counted 12 fledglings and what a beautiful site it is too watch them being fed, they all come down and allow us to enjoy watching it's so lovely, we also have many other fledglings of other breeds and sometimes they will all be together at once we even had a lonely young crow land with them the other day but it didn't stay long. 

However I have one major issue that is extremely distressing at times, we have unfortunately many neighbor's with cats they don't keep in and I spend a lot of time trying desperately to keep the fledglings and birds safe but I can't always watch or be here to chase them away.

I've done everything I can to make sure the birds have as much chance as possible but it's so frustrating so frustrating and I just don't understand why there isn't a law to make sure they are kept indoors or secured like a dogs,  after all if we allowed our dogs to roam free using other people's garden's as toilets and killing their cats, there would be an uproar but it's ok for cats  ? It's not like the cats even kill to eat they kill for the hell of it then leave the dead fledglings or birds for us to find !