Extra categories?


I know my garden birds quite well, as they love feeding by our window.

I'm happy to participate in Garden Birdwatch but I'd like to request the option for additional categories to record additional information for those who have chance to observe and more.

~usual daily visits

~observed weekly

~observed monthly

~observed annually

~unusual occurrences within the last 12 months.

Basically, I have daily very frequent visitors. But I think its amazing that we sometimes have a song thrush, have had a goldcrest come to the window. Also the long tailed tits only gather in late Summer and Autumn.

To record species, we need the possibility for better data, from those observing more, in addition to the standard one hour for one week.

If you look at the Facebook birdwatching groups, you'll see many are questioning validity of the simplicity of this exercise for the same reason.

We all adore our visitors

  • Hello, I’m very interested in doing daily counts. Mind you I still haven’t had any visitors to my window feeder yet. Though I could be moving soon so I might get some joy in my new place if that happens 

    But for now I’ve been going out to my local parks and counting all the wildlife I see. I find it oh so therapeutic.