New Bird watcher sightings june 2019

New bird watcher sightings 2019.

Started showing an interest this june by setting up new garden feeders.Bird bath,Nesting boxes dotted around and a little garden makeover. Armed with a new pair of binoculars and ready supply of Feed and fatballs this is what we had visit us dailr in the last 3 weeks .

Greater spotted woodpecker and juviniles

Blue Tit Great Tit, Coal Tit, Goldfinch. Robin. And juviniles. Magpie. Jackdaw. Wood pigeon. Collared Dove. Blackbird. Juvenile Starling. House sparrow. Pied wagtail. Dunnock. Chaffinch. And a one off appearance of a Tawny owl.We put out fresh daily feed and coconut feeders. And fresh drinking water. And we have all these varieties daily. With the Greater spotted woodpeckers and young calling around 5 times a day at least. Amazing sight with young in tow.