Birdwatch 2016 results form

Have been trying to submit my results online for the last hour but am getting nowhere. Can find the form to send by snail mail, but cannot find BG14 form which I read somewhere to look for.  I am about to tear my hair out - can anyone help please?

  • Hi Birdwoman

    I don't know if the form will be available online yet, you have plenty of time to do it so I should give it a couple of days, I've just done my count but will leave it till during the week to report it.

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  • In reply to Alan.:

    I've just been and reported mine ok by going to the main RSPB page and following the take part link and there should be a submit results button.

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    I've submitted mine ok as well. The weather here in Gateshead near Newcastle Upon Tyne was better than forecast and I saw quite a number of different birds.



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    I tried that but it wouldn't work for me.  Will give it another go later.  Thanks for your reply.

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    Did you sign back into your BGBW watch account?

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    Hi Birdwoman, if you go here: and click the blue "take part" button, this will take you through the correct form to submit your results.

    Hope this helps!

    Frankie (one of the Big Garden Birdwatch team).

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    Please can someone help. I have submitted results in past years, trying to do so now. I never remember having to fill in forms to create an account before, but just where, what time and what you saw. If I do have to fill this in when it asks for sign in details, are these the same as for the community forum or RSPB shop or do you have to make yet another account with passwords! Thanks in advance.

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    Hi All I am in the same boat I have reset my password 3 times and can only log into the community, when I try and submit my results it askes for me to log in and I attempt but is says I have the wrong login details!  In past years it was easy but now it has beaten me any help gratefully received.


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    Unfortunately yes, you will need to create an account different to the one you use on community or in the shop.

    The RSPB is working this year on how combine all of those accounts into one single account moving forward. As you can appreciate, getting this right is no small task, we want to get it right.

    My apologies that this has been a little bit confused for those using the community and shop.

    To create the account you can use the sign up link at the top of the RSPB website, or alternatively you can do it at the same time you submit your Big Garden Birdwatch results at

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    I have also had difficulty submitting my results, having done it easily enough for many years, today it was a real problem.

    I have always logged in with the eight digit reference number which appears on the letter, together with the post code. This reference number was rejected so I tried another reference number, beginning BWGADC.... found at the top of the letter.  This was also rejected as invalid. At the bottom of the same letter it says

    Tell us what you saw online at:

    Please quote code BG22

    So in desperation I tried this approach, but this was also rejected as invalid.

    In the end I had to fill out all of my personal details again and I think I have now submitted my results.

    Submitting results has become too complex and some less persistent people are going to give up.