The 2016 Form for the Big Garden Birdwatch

How can I get this, to download it for the big count this year?  By going to the RSPB site it seems to not let me download it.

enjoy the moment from Yvonne

  • I have managed to download the form from RSPB pages and print off some of the sheets now.  I  do not like it as a form for counting my common birds - it is good for identifying some of them, but has not got Woodpeckers or Crows on it.  I will make a space for those that come to our feeding stations in the count time.  Enjoy your counting fellow watchers.  I am now prepared.

    enjoy the moment from Yvonne

  • In reply to Yvonne Edwards:

    Packs and forms can be printed off from these pdf's as well folks.


  • In reply to MrsT:

    thanks I have done it now - and liked the submit form.  I think I forgot to add the green parakeets to my submission and was wondering if those can be added after I had submitted the results to RSPB?

    enjoy the moment from Yvonne