Feeding a Pied Wagtail

A lone pied wagtail with a leg injury has been visiting the garden for a couple of months now. It never seems to get a look in for the food I put out - edged out by the bigger birds. I put out seed mixtures, fat balls, suet blocks and dried mealworm - sometimes soaked as the chickens like it. What tit bits might it be looking for? It does seem to like the chicken house and run though and can often be seen hopping around the edge of the chicken territory or sitting on top of the run or the house.
  • Hi Adele, perhaps you can have a look here for a similar thread from a few years ago. I hope this may be of help to you.

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  • In reply to Paul A:

    Thank you, will try some grated cheese when the chickens are in their run or they will eat it.  The Wagtail does come up close to the house and seems to like being near the chickens, the smaller of the bantams and the wagtail sat on opposite corners of the roof of the run this afternoon just looking at one another.