Advice Needed - Biker Chicks

Just realizing my fascination with birds and was blessed with a unique experience! know not to move or touch the nest, but I would like to eventually ride this season.

I plan to wait for the chicks to leave the nest. Any idea how long that takes?

How does one move the nest afterwards so mother bird will reuse her work?

Thank you in advance for your comments.

  • Oh dear. that's a bit inconvenient, even if fascinating! You've got a month or so by the looks of it, a couple of weeks sat on eggs (once they're all laid), then a couple of weeks to fledge. That's going to be the time you'll have to be careful - the male Robin will continue to feed the fledged youngsters whilst Mrs starts a new nest, so your window of opportunity for action will be small. Not sure if she'd re-use the old nest or not, but she's certainly likely to use a similar spot (ie maybe elsewhere on the bike), so you may have to leave the bike outside for a few days until she's set up home elsewhere in the garage.


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