Redpoll (or sparrow)?!

Hello, I'm new to the forum and new to birdwatching - as you'll see from my question - really grateful for the opportunity to ask a dumb question! I took the photo below yesterday in my garden - around four birds flew noisy into the cherry blossom - I grabbed my camera to take a quick picture and confidently said they were sparrows - looking this morning I realised it has a yellow almost finch like beak and what appear to be smudges of pink on it.  Is this a redpoll? I have never consciously seen (or heard) of them before today. The pink looks to be in the right places but it's not nearly as bright as they pink on a picture I saw that had been posted earlier on this forum.  Half wondered if it is a sparrow and the camera has got confused by the pink blossom buds? Thank you.