Marshland in Kent - Raptor


I'm sure you get these similar questions on a weekly basis but can anyone help with this.

I was recently driving across Marshland in Kent a couple miles from the coast and I encounter a large Common Buzzard like bird land on the lane in front of me.

It was very Buzzard like bit seemed to large/tall to be an average Common Buzzard.

It was very dark brown in colour with a ginger tinge and quite tall when standing a very well built.

I'd say in comparison it was at 60cm in height. 

It almost immediately took off. It was broad winged with two white almost symmetrical markings under the wings apart from that all very dark and in colour.

Sorry I don't recall the beak colour but as I say very Buzzard like and the head was the same colour as the body - Dark Brown with a ginger dark reddy brown  body with a small white fleck under each wing. 

It was not a Red Kite as I have seen lots of those on the M40 corridor and in pics and vids with the obvious wing colour.

For me to describe it at the time it looked the size of A Harris Hawk. The type I've seen being carried into venues to chase away the pigeons roosting above seating etc .After looking up in the net I came across a 'lesser spotter Eagle' 

Yes don't laugh..... (look one up if your not familiar)

I wondered what the chance was it was in fact something larger than a common buzzard as I say it was in Kent about 2 or 3 miles from the coast on mainly farmlands most full of sheep.

You do see lots of Buzzards higher up in the area with the Greyer whiter under wing markings and Buzzards perched on fence posts or Telegraph poles in the area quite often which are larger than the everyday Kestral or Hobby or even Sparrow hawk or Periguine  I'm far familiar with.

Hope you can help and thanks for your replies in advance.