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North Wales Live: Farmer finds adorable sheepdog pups dumped in his livestock trailer

An Anglesey farmer was shocked to find six sheepdog pups dumped in his livestock trailer at the weekend.

Carwyn Thomas, of Plas Coedana near Llannerchymedd, went into the yard of his farm at about 7.30am, and found the animals.

He said they were extremely hungry and five were very under nourished.

Carwyn placed then in a clean, warm stable and gave them ample food and water.

He later posted a photo of them online to see if anyone recognised the animals or who knew who owns them.


He said he has no idea where the dogs had come from or who may have left them in his yard.

Carwyn was inundated with calls offering help to look after the dogs and to offer them good homes


"It was overwhelming really, the offers of help and I'm very grateful. My first concern was to find the owner but on looking at them carefully they were in a poor state, had not been microchipped and I concluded they would not be claimed.

"My main priority then became to ensure they go to loving homes and not be put down.


"There were so many people commenting, and whilst I have no doubt that their intentions are great, I can’t possibly vet people for suitability etc. This is of course, presuming that no one comes forward, which wasn’t looking likely.


"I tried calling the local dog warden but they don't work at the weekends and eventually I contacted the North Clwyd Animal Rescue centre and they came and collected them," he said.

Carwyn said he was very grateful for the volunteers at the rescue centre to travel to Anglesey on a Saturday night to pick up the animals.


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  • Good to see the pups now have a good chance of new homes and that the farmer saved them; can't believe anyone would abandon these gorgeous young dogs.
    Probably one going spare locally Gaynor but not sure your Sue would approve !!


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again"