Discoloured Feeders

Hi All,

   Help/advice needed. My feeders are starting to discolour. These are the normal RSPB plastics ones. Any ideas how to get them as clear as day?

   Also what is a good chemical to stop any diseases which is safe for birds?

   Thanks you if you can help.



  • Hello Hooky and welcome to the forum. Unfortunately the discolouration is fairly typical of feeders made with the brittle plastic like the RSPB ones. Its the UV light slowly degrading the plastic. Not sure you will get them as clear as day again but you may be lucky a lot will depend on age.
    I've just cleaned all my feeders with a good soak in hot water with some "Flash" in and then a scrub with a bottle brush and a washing up brush followed by a rinse in cold clean water. Doing this on a regular basis will do away with the need for any chemicals and will help to keep any diseases at bay.
    I don't think anyone would recommend any "chemicals".
    Hope this helps.