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 Having the best of times viewing variety of birds visiting feeders outside my study window. All the finches (lots of gold) and a couple of bullfinch, sparrows, great tit, blue tit, dunnock, wood pigeon, robin, blackbird. Question is, should I be leaving them to their own devices. Is the provision of endless seed substituting their natural diet? I know there are times they leave the seed alone, greater numbers attending when the weather cuts up. What's the consensus?

Second question, is this how I start a discussion to add to 'achievements'. It is not at all clear how one is supposed to go about this. Put me straight please. What about blogs?

  • Hi Supertramp, personally I feed all year round whilst others feed only in the winter, when food resources are not so available. It is up to you, you could put up a sunflower heart feeder and Niger seed feeder, this will bring you all finches and siskins, and others.

    As far as the Achievements goes, I had a look at mine, to see if there were any (to be honest had not realised they were there). You get them for differing reasons, if you answer someones question correctly, if you then answer so many more questions correctly, if  you get so many likes on a post you have started, if you get so many more likes on a post, etc.

    This is something that was included in the latest updates and personally I don't think it is necessary, it would be better to sort out all the niggles that we have with this latest update etc, but that is another long story, you may well read, as you go through the posts!

    Welcome by the way from up in the very far north of Scotland, in Caithness. Enjoy

    Edit - Sorry I forgot to add re the Blogs, but see the WJ has now. Ta

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  • To add to Catlady's reply.... Blogs are written by RSPB staff - either on a Reserve (some are regular bloggers, like Minsmere, Rainham Marshes etc) or HQ (such as Martin Harper). Reserve ones invariably update people on what's been seen, news and events, the centrally written ones often reflecting on RSPB response to things in the news or more general themes.
    The Achievements thing, as Catlady mentions, came with the latest update but I think we're all bemused and ignore them!


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  • I don't think anyone has really bothered with the achievements awarded. I've had a few but no idea what they're supposed to do, so I wouldn't worry too much about them, just keep posting.

    As for blogs, most blogs on here are from RSPB staff, though there are some that keep their own blog, which can be alike a diary.

    I've not bothered with a blog for here, though when I was out hill and moorland walking, I did write up on many of the walks I did (not all, some places I wanted to keep their tranquillity protected), with the aim of trying to be chatty and informative, not just about the route, but any notable events, history etc.

    That requires research and making sure your facts are correct. Often I had doubts with some of the sources I came across, so I'd either post as this is something I've found, or left alone.

    I think for here, the vast majority people will be happy to post brief details of their trips and sightings, with photos and from there a conversation starts, so I woul;dn't worry too much about writing blogs or what the achievements thingy is about, just enjoy a relaxed chat online.


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  • Hi there supertramp, welcome to the Community ... just keep us updated on what you see in your neck of the woods, pics are always welcome!


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  • I fed all winter right up until we went on holiday at the beginning of June. By that time the feeders were less busy as a lot of the birds had started nesting so half were either away sitting on eggs or finding caterpillars and bugs for their nestlings. However a lot would come in for a personal feed from the feeders so I guess its still helped. That said I probably wont start feeding again until there's a dramatic change in the weather and the bugs and berries have all gone.

    The achievements appear to be meaningless but at least they don't appear everytime you post as they are trying to implement on facebook.

    Whichever way you go, just enjoy the view.




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