Cheapest Mealworms

Hi everyone

Just wondered if someone can tell me where to buy the cheapest live mealworms?

Wanted to use maggots but found out they carry disease?

Apparently dried mealworms are not very nutritious at all

Really appreciate any help



  • Hi,

    I can't answer your question directly, but they are extremely easy to breed. What I did was get one batch, then keep a few of them til adulthood (doesn't take long). Only two issues is you need to stop them eating the pupae, and you also need a safe storage place like an aquarium. They're almost free then as they eat most veg type waste.


  • Morning Jo,     if you did not want to breed mealworms yourself then you could try THIS website as they are good quality worms, very efficient service and arrive the next morning via Royal Mail if you place your order before noon.  By the way,  no  I'm not on commission   !!   I just find this company very good and also their customer service so have recommended it to lots of people.  At the moment (but it may end today),  there is a temporary special discount available due to launch of their new website for all purchases over £15  (and in case any of my forumates are reading this)  You just need to enter in the special discount code box  LAUNCH and it will automatically give you this good discount at checkout.    


    Regards, Hazel 

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