Constant repetitive call (5 or six notes) from what appears to be a black bird with yellow/orange beak from dawn to dusk. The bird sits on the same tree high up in a west london suburb. I can't recall hearing a common blackbird doing this . Please listen to the attached audio and ignore the robin in the foreground.   Please put my mind at rest!


  • Hi Alan,
    First of all the "Robin" in the foreground is actually a Wren. I think that it probably is a Blackbird although I agree the song does sound a bit more repetitive than one usually hears. More like a Song Thrush in some ways. However, if you've seen the bird that's singing and it's black with an orange bill there's not anything else that it can be. I think that some bird's songs can be modified by their environment particularly in urban areas where there are so many other ambient sounds.



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  • I had a similar sounding bird here, and was thinking it was a Thrush. Heading out with head pointing skywards and a soon to be stiff neck I found a Blackbird, sounding almost identical to that recording, high up in the tree tops singing away in the sunshine.

    Richard B