Why has the RSPB stopped financing and been involved with the Chichester Perigrine Falcons Webcam at the Cathedral

I'm very puzzled at why the RSPB have discontinued been involved with the Chichester Cathedral nesting Peregrine Falcons and also the RSPB have stopped sharring the cost of the live webcam. Why could that be? Is it to do with the cuts at the RSPB and RSPB staff losing there jobs as has been reported in these forums and because of this the RSPB are having to cut back on protecting birds and other wildlife. It is very very worrying, as I’ve just found out that the RSPB aren’t involved anymore with the Chichester Peregrine Falcons after checking and reading the Carnyx Wild website and other new smaller organisation are now involved. It’s very sad and tragic if this is the case.



  • There is a place for webcams, Very small place, but I concede they are a useful tool in promoting conservation. However, as debated previously, RSPB is a conservation organisation.

    A large percentage of the population of England are within a 20min drive of almost guaranteeing a sighting of a peregrine. It takes very little effort to go and see them.

    Up to people how they spend their time. I prefer to see them in the wild rather than a poor image on a computer screen but that's up to individuals. The best way to see raptors is by prioritising spending money on their habitat, protection, and reduced disturbance.

    I therefore support all efforts in spending money on conservation rather than limited value entertainment.
  • I tend to agree with Robbo - many churches and cathedrals have begun to appreciate their feathered tenants and accept the fact that they do actually bring visitors to their premises or appreciate that it's another part of community activity. The other thing I agree with Robbo about is the architecture of the Forums - currently it is all the webcams that dominate the Forums and it will get worse when Osprey season and Peregrine chick season really kicks in. It seems rather odd that several species are allowed to dominate and its no surprise several people take the summer off.




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  • Totally agree with what Rob and Bob say and would prefer my subscription goes towards the conservation aspect and protecting endangered species as birds should come first - not people.

    All posts and threads of interest whether they be Peregrines, Owls and Ospreys or generalised threads   should have equal footing where possible and think we've always been of the opinion that dedicated tabs for Peregrines, Owls and Ospreys would be easier for those wanting to keep up to date with  P.O.O.  updates  (no offence intended  LOL)   without having to wade through general posts that may be of no intrerest to some folk.    Win, win all round if they move the Peregrines and Owl cams to the Home Page where the Ospreys are, that way everyone should be happy.  Extra tabs would be even better but somehow I don't think that will ever happen  !      Still waiting for this current train wreck to be sorted    lol


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