moving house, want to maximise chances of successful garden wildlife/birds

Hi, this is my first post.

Im looking to move house, I live in a town and intend to stay here but would like to move to a different area within it.

Despite my best efforts I get very little variety of birds in the garden. I've planted trees, shrubs and plants. I have feeders and bird baths.

My question is what do I look for in a potential properties garden to maximise the variety of wildlife/birds? 

Do I need to back onto copse, woodland or would some mature trees and shrubs be enough?

Any advise greatly appreciated.

  • Hi Emily welcome to the community from Sheffield.

    Most birds will want some cover in a garden and it would help if there were fields or a wood nearby but you don't need to back onto them.

    If you are planning to own your house so free to do what you want with your garden it would also help to leave a bit of it to grow wild.

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  • Hello Emily from up at the very top of Scotland, in Caithness. Some trees, shrubs and bushes are good to have in the garden, as the birds like to have places to hide in, fly back and forth to from the feeders and have some protection form cats and birds of prey. Somethimes it is good to only have a few feeders, say sunflower hearts which the birds love and either peanuts or seed and maybe fat balls or cakes, once they find food they will come back. Also fresh water should be a available to drink and bathe, good luck.

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