Lack of garden birds

For the last two months there has been a distinct lack of bird activity in my garden. just a few sparrows,blackbird, robin, doves and pigeons. I usedto have to replenish food (seed and fat balls) every few days but now it’s weeks. Anyone else experiencing this? Edge of small town, close to fields nothing else in garden changed. 

  • Hi Valerie,  it's the same in my garden too but I've put it down to the long hot weather and warmer last few months. We have had a few cold days but nothing the birds cannot handle. I'm sure they will soon flock when the ground starts to freeze.

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    hope so Sharon

  • we get the same happening every year, some say its due to the birds moulting and seeking shelter and hiding away while doing so, but they still have to feed, but you just never see them doing so, and the feeders stay untouched for weeks on end, its been a discussion topic on a forum i use too, and no one rally seems to know exactly what  the real truth is ?

  • Something might have changed in or around your Garden Valerie, could there be cats or birds of pray or is the food you put out the same as you have always given, if its the same try different ways of putting the food out and maybe change to something else, I get good quality peanuts and blend them down into a mash mix some lard to make it feel like plasticine you can then stick pieces up around the garden on a branch a fence pole anywere were they will see it and try to place it near a bush or tree were they can dash if anything threatens them, the birds are there my feeders are strapped to a tree in the front garden next to a foot path I have cats people and birds of pray around but i am getting more now its been up just over a year.


    Do you know if someone else has started putting food out they might be going there instead?


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    Food is the same but I’ll try your suggestion James. Haven’t seen any new cats and we’ve had a sparrow hawk visit occasionally over the last few years. It usually goes quiet then fir a few days but not for weeks like now. We used to gave blue tits, great tits, coal tits, chaffinches. All sorts. I’ll get some different treats and see what happens. Thanks

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    Your welcome Valerie, and hope thats all it is.


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  • Hi Valarie, just this last week I have seen a big incease in the birds at the feeders. Yesterday I had a clean and fill up and had the tits, collard doves, robin, blackbirds, pheasants, dunnocks, goldfinches, and the school bullies (that is what I call them) starlings, they land on everything and have a good feed! Fingers crossed yours will all re appear.

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    These comments are encouraging. Tomorrow I am going to spring clean everything and start afresh and fingers crossed. Thank you all