An apology

Hello all, I feel the need to make an apology, I've enjoyed viewing so many posts, photos and building up a rapport with a great many of you.

I know I’m not alone in experiencing difficulty with the revised RSPB Community Forum, and I also appreciate many of the tips shared.


I’m more than sure that the software writers had the very best of intentions, I’m all for justifiable change, and often do welcome change with open arms. However, when I think I've grasped what happens when and where, all of a sudden it seems to throw everything out and I’m lost, not managing to get where I want to be.


I understand that the creators are looking at improving things, I only hope they do soon, because I know I'm missing posts, and even more confusing, Notifications; will state a number to read, pick any number you like (the outcome is always the same), and when I click on the Notifications, it says ZERO or All Read!

I sincerely hope this mess is sorted soon, I know I'm missing some good posts and photos, and I'm seeing comments stating similar experiences from others.

Please, for all our sakes, sort it.

Thank you