What's Behind the Heron?

  • The inverse of Father Ted - the farther away it is, the bigger it gets!!!




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  • Hi Paul,

    I’ll have a go now you’ve brought it down to my level - was going skelly over the first version though did get some.



    Michael S

  • In reply to Bobs_Still_Retired:

    No access to your answers, Michael.

    Bobs_Still_Retired said:
    The inverse of Father Ted - the farther away it is, the bigger it gets!!!

    I know, the scaling did cross my mind when I was doing this.!! :-)

    Full answers later.

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  • Answers, as promised.

    1. Puffin

    2. Dunnock

    3. Blackbird

    4. Swallows

    5. Wren

    6. Wheatear

    7. Brambling

    8. Yellow Wagtail

    9. Robin

    10. Black-headed Gull

    11. Fulmar

    12. Grey Heron

    13. Osprey

    14. Sandwich Tern


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  • Oh, it was a Fulmar I missed out on ! thanks so much Paul, really enjoyed the challenge and the ID features hopefully will have sunk it a little to my memory although I cannot guarantee it !


    Regards, Hazel 

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  • Thanks Paul, it was just the sort of challenge that we needed.
    That female Blackbird had me fooled - never seen one that looked like that. Never got close to guessing the Fulmar.



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  • Cheers Paul
    Obviously need some tips from Tony on that part. Blackbird threw me too in the “easier” version. Yellow wagtail , fulmar and brambling also in the hard one. Great fun though and appreciated now more than ever.

    Keep safe all
    Michael S