Bird Box / Bird nest questionnaire

Hi everyone, i am a student currently doing an end of year project which involves me designing a bird box to help keep bird biodiversity at a helthy level. I have plenty of information about what birds need and want from a bird box but I dont know what you (the user and person buying the box)looks for when purchasing a bird box. This is just a quick questionnaire to give me a better idea what the user wants. Any and all answers would really help out my project! thanks in advance. (i have attached an image with the questions if you could put your answers in the reply for this post it would be much appreciated)
  • Age 69   Gender Male

    1.  Yes      

    2.  Medium    

    3.  Yes    

    4.  3 One is a "Sparrow Terrace of 3 compartments"  

    5.On a tree so that I can see it from the house.  The Sparrow Terrace is on the house.    

    6.  To enjoy the birds so I suppose bird watching.  

    7.  Functionality for the bird     first.

    Second ease of cleaning at the end of season.  

    Third  Durability

    Fourth Price

    Fifth  Aesthetics - what I might like the birds might not!

    8.  Only when it begins to fall apart.

    9.  The House Sparrow Terrace obviously for House Sparrows the other two have an entrance hole of 28mm which allows Great Tit,Blue Tit,Tree Sparrow all of which we get in the garden.