G'Day from Oz

Just a quick G'day from down under, originally from Abdn but spending more and more time down here.Always checking the status on the "family" at LG



  • Hello there Clansman

    Where abouts in Oz, Clansman?  What does Abdn stand for : I can  think it might be Abandon   :)  Abingdon   or even Aberdeen.  Abdn just doesn't  connect synapses , sorry ! 

    Aren't the 'family' great? Some wondeful close ups of Rothes today courtesy of Cam Man



  • Welcome clansman good to know that our ospreys are so famous especially this family.  Make the most of them as they will start to leave from mid August and we will be looking forward to next March when the saga starts all over again.


  • Hi clansman. I heard that a new osprey webcam came online from Oz recently but when I tried to click the URL it would not work. Know anything of it?


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  • In reply to Tiger:

    Tiger, I tried that link too, with no success.  From memory, I think it's in Queensland.  I got so busy here that I didn't follow through and get back to the person who posted the link at the time.

    Hi Clansman, and welcome!

    Smiles, Jan.

  • Hi Clansman

    Welcome to 'up over' LOL   I am so pleased that our Osprey Family have world wide recognition and this year's chicks have had the best start to keep them in the limelight :o )

    Of course, they have the best parents in Ospreyland!!!


    "Birds of a Feather".... ~( :o )

  • In reply to Wattle15:

    I have done a search and found the Australian webcam. There is a link to it from this Courier Mail article. See http://www.news.com.au/couriermail/story/0,23739,25825341-3102,00.html

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  • In reply to Tiger:

    Tiger, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  What a heart-warming story that is!  For anyone using Tiger's link, don't forget to also use the link in the article called 'Information Sheet' or similar.  What it is is a series of photos documenting the whole move of the nest to its new site and showing the nest being occupied again by an osprey.  For those of you feeling that 'empty nest' syndrome creeping up on you, bookmark the web page Tiger's link takes you too.  The female osprey on the nest has recently laid her first egg, so there is heaps of viewing time ahead, and these osprey don't migrate.  The camera is situated right above the nest, so you look right down into it.  At the moment there is a grid of 4 images, which update automatically every minute.  I THINK they may be able to show different camera angles etc on these 4 images.  There is a solar panel on the pole below the nest to power the camera.  It looks as though we'll be viewing ospreys all around the world now, doesn't it?

    Smiles, Jan.

  • In reply to Cirrus:

    Cirrus it is Aberdeen, and Perth/Exmouth in Oz.. Will be keeping track via google earth again this year and fingers crossed no repeat of last year.

  • In reply to Wattle15:

    Hi Tiger no I did not know about it but I sure do now and have bookmarked it so when the "home" family go there will be "locals" to take over