Our beloved ospreys

Well Hello all and it seems like a long time since we have all been busy posting our thoughts and comment. Was a bit confused at first (put that down to old age) but will hopefully get used to it pretty quickly.  I was over the moon to get the live pictures again earlier in the week.  What a wonderful job Richard and his crew did along with all the other things they have to do in satisfying our thirst to have our family back live.  Our sisters look wonderful and nearly everytime I have looked in fish are being eaten.   I know they have probably had some rotten weather but they are thriving and I have even seen flights in and out which is a wonderful sight.  Hope all bloggers are OK and enjoying things as we have to make the most of them now.  I am so going to miss them this year as this family have been extra special bless them.  Sincerely hope Odin and EJ will remain together for a good few years to come.


  • Hi Margaret

    We've got a whole group with its own forum dedicated to the Loch Garten ospreys

    I think a few people are already making themselves at home there :O)

    Hope you like it


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    Hi Katie


    Thank you for all your hard work - it seems a little strange just now but I am sure we will all soon get used to it.  Quite an eventful afternoon with our ospreys and great to see all the family.  Sadly there won't be many more days now when we will be able to witness this.  But we wish them well and it must be great for the chicks now enjoying their new found freedom.


  • Hi Margaret. I was a bit confused as well but started to work my way around it now. There's always super genius people who post on the forum to help if we get stuck at something. The sisters are wonderful to watch , I so missed them when the webcam was down. EJ and Odin are pretty special too.

  • Hi Margaret

    I've seen EJ and the girls but not Odin. Have you been lucky enough to spot him delivering a fish to the nest?

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