Kinda quiet out here?

Where are all the bloggers? (Forumers?)

  • Well, it's early days...

  • Only just found it ! Took me a few minutes to navigate my way to here but hey - looking good!!

  • Well, if they are like me, they keep trying to 'post' messages/comments and they are not ending up where they were intended !!


    I started a new (forgotten what it's called) when I was really trying to add a few words below everyone else's.

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    Not so quiet any longer.

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    Aaaah, you are like me then! I have 'lost' two comments already - wonder where they will turn up?

    Libby  :o)

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    Elsie D said:

    Well, it's early days...

    It really is early days for me, just managed to get a reply to my lost password plea- think I  have managed it at long last  Now I am sending this as a test here goes. Hi everyone found Loch Garten site last year and followed our family then, was so very sad to lose all three of our 08 chicks, still have faith that Nethy has survived and will return to rear a family of her own one day.

    So proud of our three lovely girls they are so lucky to have EJ and our hero Odin as their parents. It has been a wonderful year with the highs and the dramatic nailbiting lows. But even the lows were lightened by the Fish delivery and great utube vids by our so talented  Forum members. Love the poetry too you are such a gifted lot of people.

    Last but certainly not least a great big thank you to all the hard working hardy all weather LG team. By the sound of it they must be all signed into start weighwatchers over the winter mnths, LOL, maybe we should be shown a few before and after pics, since this season has seen them receiving so many cakes and goodies.

    Did manage to see the fledge just before cam went down and was so excited but VERY frustrated that I couldn't share it with the forum, just had to grin, shout and cheer  with my husband.

    Keeping my fingers crossed . Snowbird

    Elsie D said:

    Well, it's early days...


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    Oh dear  was my post a bit too long - did go on a bit , put it down to 1st post nerves