Young Magpie Not Flying.

South Ayrshie - I've noticed a young Magpie walking around my garden today, at first I thought it was fine. But, tonight when I came home my dog was interested in a particular bush and kept back n forth so I had a look. I can't get to the bird as it is very well tucked away but it seems to have either been attacked by a cat or fallen out of the tree, lots of fluffy feathers on the ground. The nearest help is too far for me at the moment but I was wondering if it is staying in my garden waiting for it's parents, I've had this with young sparrows. That said, I am concerned it has not tried to fly, even earlier it seemed happy to walk around the garden.  

The alternative is, to cut away the bush and place the Magpie into an old dog crate I have in the shed and keep it safe until it's tail feathers grow again. As it's a Corvid I could give it some cooked mince and bird seeds to build it's strength up. I looked after a crow once and it loved mince :)

Any ideas anyone?

Thank you.

  • It is quite normal for a fledgling Magpie to be unable to fly, is waiting for it's flight feathers to strengthen and usually the parents see to feeding it!  These young birds shelter in hedges where their parents can find them!  If you are concerned for its safety then you can contact a wildlife centre for advice, try here ...

    If you are on Facebook then there is a group 'For the Love of Crows' where you may be able to get helpful advice ... it is a closed group which you have to apply to join but usually no problem!


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  • Thank you. I watched for the parents to return but as they hadn't I took the little bird to Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue having spoken to them first. It wouldn't have lasted the night as we have an assassin patrolling the area, sweet cat unless you are a bird!

    Thanks again. 

  • Thank you for caring enough to help this fledgling, hope it càn be successfully released back to the wild!


     2013 photos & vids here

    eff37 on Flickr