Yellow and black magpie

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    Won't take small birds (compared to humans or dogs) much to overdose.

  • Well I'm no expert so I have no idea of the cause, and as such I won't offer a theory. I'll simply enjoy seeing him in my garden every day, try to get some better pictures of him, try to stop him stealing my dog's food and report back on his well-being
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    Thanks for the replies everyone. We've had magpies nesting on our old sky dish for a few years now, but only recently noticed this wee fella looked a bit different. After watching him stealing my siberian husky's breakfast this morning I took some pics and did a bit of googling and found myself on this forum. I'm no expert bird watcher, more a nature enthusiast, but never seen one quite like this so thought it was worth sharing. My DSLR is now dragged out the cupboard with battery charged so hopefully I might get a better pic or two!


    Just a thought, while a DSLR will produce better quality photos, the ones you've provided have been nice and clear, and I presume it is a smartphone. Not all DSLR's have GPS on, whereas all smartphones do, and if ever the location of your photographs came into question, ensure the GPS is on when you take photos, for that will be logged in the photo data.

    Not that the integrity of the photos are in question, this is for future reference.

    If your DSLR does have GPS, then the same, for any photos that might come into question, switch the GPS on and it will be stored with the photo data.


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  • Thanks for the advice Mike, here's a couple of (slightly) better pictures. Looks like he's found somewhere better to go for breakfast too!

  • And at the risk of boring everyone, here's one more.

  • Not at all boring Andy, good to know he/she still viisiting!


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  • Oh wow no I have never seen one like that!
  • Annoyingly I won't have nearly as much time to skulk around my garden, camera In hand, as I'm back to work tomorrow after my summer holidays. However I'll continue to try and get a decent pic here and there and report on the little yellow fella's progress for as long as he / she hangs around. Happy to say we've managed to keep the dog's food well out of reach, hasn't even had a sniff recently! There seems to be a few of these guys about judging from Becky and Debbie's sightings, and I wonder how many go unnoticed or unreported? Would be very interesting to hear of more and hopefully see someone else's photos. In the meantime, here's one more from me!


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    There seems to be a few of these guys about judging from Becky and Debbie's sightings, and I wonder how many go unnoticed or unreported? 

    Yes. The post Debbie wrote about having a pair of yellow magpies, to me, also points to localised food/drink containing too much iron I would have thought. 

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    Interesting point Robbo, ever since the first post on this thread I have been giving our local Magpies a good looking at and also when we were in Northumberland the week before. I have not yet seen anything unusual


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can