Cuckoo question? Am I going .........!

Please can anyone enlighten me, regarding the lovely Cuckoo and it's tracking, population and where to report sightings (or rather hearings) We recently move from Norfolk to Cumbria and have been amazed by the number of times that we have heard Cuckoo's around the area. For example yesterday we spent a day in and around Lake Ullswater and were joined by at least two different Cuckoo's. Last week we heard another near to our home in Brampton. 

We are aware of the tracking website but this only includes a handful, who appear to be declining rapidly? In Ireland there is a study looking into Cuckoo numbers but not in the UK? Is anyone interested and where? Please advise..... 

  • Hi

    most Cuckoos are now on their breeding patch so hopefully the local County bird recorders know about them.
    ( my local patch has 3 males atm )

    Contact your CBR with the info if you want to - in case they don't have the info already.

    Earlier in Spring the BTO runs Bird Track which logs incoming migrants- it's on their website I'm not sure if it's still running although a few migrant species are still coming in.



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  • Keith, I think the recorder for that area is who covers that area for Cumbria Bird Club. As Seymour mentions the BTO has a site called Bird Track which is great for recording all bird sightings not just migrating bird. Using this means all your records go onto a central data base to help compile national bird statistics. In recent years the Lake District has been a great spot to see and hear Cuckoos.


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