Mistle Thrush holly berry stripping initiated by Xmas wreath?!

Hallo all. This is my first post!

I'm currently sat in my garden office spellbound by the sight of dozens of beautiful Mistle Thrushes swooping in and out of my holly tree to hastily clear the berries. I particularly love how one or two always keep watch on the nearby apple tree whilst the others fill their boots!

My question / random musing is this: Late yesterday afternoon, I pruned the tree of a few laden branches to add to the Xmas wreath that my daughter was constructing to liven up our front door. Do you think one of these vigilant Thrushes witnessed my stealing of their berries and this kick-started the mass hoarding today?! The tree was full to the brim with berries yesterday afternoon -- it is now bare and it's not even midday!

All the best,