Hello everyone, I’m new to the forum hoping you can help. I have some robins in the garden. Can you tell me do they normally sit and sing up high or low on a bush? I have one in particular that sits at the very top of my large pine tree!
  • Hi Nicola welcome to the community.

    They will sing high up when letting other Robins that it is his territory.

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    Hello Nicola, welcome from me up in Caithness at the very top of Scotland. Enjoy your robins, they are a favourite of mine, and I might add, to many on here also. Hope you enjoy here.

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    Hi Nicola and welcome to the community. As Alan said, this is a territorial display, most probably a male. He's making sure that any other Robins within earshot are aware of his presence. Once we get to Christmas time, you will see and hear more of him, as he sings more loudly and attempts to attract a female. If he does, you will see them chasing around the garden and posturing at one another until he figures out she's a female and then they should pair up. Mating and nesting won't take place for another few months after that, but with the current bizarre weather, who knows?

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    Hi Nicola, and not only do they do all that but they will sing to you if you give them some good food to eat, taken on my mobile today.