Feeding small birds


I’m feeding small birds. I hung a peanut feeder and a small balcony window feeder with seeds mix. Now there are blue tit and goldfinch. 
But after goldfinch came, I feel the blue tit came much less than before. Is it because of goldfinch? Do I need to add more peanuts for it?
And blue tit seem not willing to eat together with goldfinch with same feeder. for example, goldfinch show much more interest with seeds than peanuts, and tend to stick with the window feeder. And there is one goldfinch always like to occupy the window feeder which make other goldfinches not able to get inside and tend to eat peanuts. (There is a blue tit eating the peanuts) when the goldfinch start eating, blue tit stopped and move to the other side of the feeder (away to the goldfinch), and try to back to eat. But just few second. It looks like annoyed and fly away…

are they able to be together or I need add more peanuts feeder or just feeder for it?