Bird egg identify

Hi, I found an egg on the path when going for a walk around our local lake, it was cold when I found it but after incubating it, I've checked and it's still alive, can anyone identify it?

This is it next to a large chicken egg.

Many thanks! :)

  • Are you aware it is an offence to be in possession of wild bird eggs?
  • Apart from the legality issues are you equipped to raise a fledgling if it hatches? From the size it could be something like a Woodpigeon or similar.



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  • Hi, Thank you for your replies!
    I was unaware that it was an offence, I just didn't want to leave it on the stoney path where it would get trampled on. :(
    I've emailed the rspb for some advice as I can't seem to find anywhere local that I could take the egg to.
    From researching I think it might be a little Egret?
  • I am not good with egg I.d. I was thinking a duck species, esp as the chicken egg is fairly large. Wood pigeon is probably right though. Eggs need leaving where people see them.