Backwards fledgling...

hoping this is the right place to ask! I am currently looking after a fledgling blue tit and shes had a tumble or two and been played with by cats. Shes in good condition, possibility of a slightly damaged wing but can't be sure until her feathers grow in. The thing I'm worried about is... Is it normal for them to be walking backwards most of the time? She will go in a couple circles backwards at a time and just hop back wards. Rarely forwards, is it something to be concerned about?

  • Hello, does not sound right to me, maybe it has been injured by the fall or the cats. Hopefully someone else may be able to offer some advice, on looking after and feeding it.

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    Thank you, we didn't think it was normal. We are feeding her well and she's doing good, honestly are expecting to keep her as a pet as long as she is okay, wouldn't want to release her if she isn't quite right but is still alive!
    Happy to look after her though, got a nice set up going for her and she seems happy