Tawny owl box

Good morning everybody,

I am resident of Amaravati Buddhist Monastery in Hemel Hempstead and with the community we have built a breeding box for Tawny owl. 

We would like to have some advice of were to put it. We have a fairly big site with many possibilities.

Would anybody be interested to advises us on this and perhaps if someone knowledgeable be able to come on site and have a look together ?

Respecting the Corona safety measures, we would only be working outdoor. Being sensitive to social safety distancing.

Many thanks in advance

Jinavaro Bhikkhu


PS: We are keen to build much more to diversify and encourage wildlife on the site.

  • This advice from BTO ...
    *** Where do you place a tawny owl box?
    Position your box on the main trunk of the tree as high as you can safely manage and ideally c. 5–8 m above the ground. Position the box entrance so that it is away from the prevailing wind (generally this means avoiding the west or south-west).
    https://www.bto.org › default › files
    Tawny Owl Nest Box Design***


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