Tripod Quick Release Plate

Some years ago we purchased an RSPB scope (AG80 I think) along with their recommended tripod. I'm trying to buy a spare tripod quick release plate but can't find anything suitable. To match the tripod the mount needs to be approx 28mm square with chamfered corners (45 degrees). Despite searching the usual sites like ebay, Amazon and camera sites so far I haven't found anything suitable. Any Ideas?

  • I'm afraid I don't recognise that plate, but if no one else on here can help either then you might try calling the RSPB shop to see if they can give some help. An RSPB reserve with a shop selling optics might also help. Alternatively look at typical tripod manufacturer sites to see if you find something. Manfrotto use different plate systems. Also Velbon.


    Nige   Flickr