What to do with nest!?


Recently we started trimming back our hedge, much to our surprise we found a active nest! We stopped trimming and left the hedge/nest alone all intact (yesterday morning). There were 3 beautiful blue speckled eggs inside (i believe either blackbird or robin eggs). This morning I checked on the nest and there is now only 1 egg left! What’s best to do? Leave the egg/nest alone, or try and move the nest out of potential predators reach?!


  • Sorry, but too late. Whatever took the other two will be back. The remaining egg can't go anywhere so might as well feed the predator or their chicks.

    Certainly sounds like a blackbird (or song thrush if neatly, smoothly lined with mud). Robin eggs aren't blue.

    It is possible the nest was already deserted. If it was a blackbird's, there would have been relentless alarm calling. Hard to miss, but obviously to the untrained ear, something that could have been overlooked.

    However, it is not the time of year to be hedge trimming, no matter what type of hedge it is.
  • Ah that’s a shame. Our birds normally nest in the trees by our bird feeders, unfortunately we weren’t expecting any in the small hedge!

    Is it likely to have any chance if I moved the nest into our other trees?
  • No. Also unlawful. Egg would have been left too long. Parent birds don't go looking for nests. (unlike predators). In April and May, it is always best to assume there are nests in hedges. Unfortunately, professional 'gardeners' are often ignoring the law and just taking the money and setting a very bad example. But the law is that nests should remain undisturbed and general advice is not to trim hedges outside of late Summer through to Winter.