Can I use this baking block to make fat balls?

Can I use this baking block to make fat balls?

Tesco baking block



  • Hi Terry, personally, I wouldn't use it for making fatballs. Firstly, it contains 5% salt which is not good for birds as well as other ingredients like emulsifiers and flavourings. Also, it contains palm oil, the excessive use of which is believed to be damaging the rain forest in southeast Asia.

    Most of us use pure lard which is salt free to make fat balls and raw pastry. It's equally as cheap.



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  • Hi Terry,   I completely agree with TeeJay and would instead make use of cheap own brand lard which doesn't contain the harmful additives.    A lot of us on the forum also make raw pastry for the birds:   own brand plain flour, block of own brand lard   (half fat to flour ratio),   just don't add any salt like you would for home use pastry;  you can add a few bird seeds or things such as crushed peanuts, suet pellets and then bind the mix together with just enough water so it's not sticky.     Add more flour if the mix becomes sticky and the birds will love the raw pastry.    You can place the pastry in a fat ball feeder or suet block feeder or even place bits of raw pastry on the shrubs, twigs, fence, etc.     Tit birds love the pastry and especially if you get long tailed tits who will make a beeline for it.     


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    Thanks for the prompt reply. I had a block of this baking block at the back of the fridge, and thought I could use it for the birds, but I guess not. I will have to use it for something else as I don't like to throw anything away. Glad I asked first, as I don't want to do any harm.

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    Thanks for the advice and recipe, I will certainly give that a go, sounds easy to make.