Attracting birds to dingy back yard?

I have recently moved into a rental property near the Mersey estuary after living overseas for many years. There are lots of wonderful waders etc. if I go out for walks but the back yard is depressingly small, north-facing, closed in by other houses and completely ignored by birds. There are no trees or shrubs and so far I just have a few pots with small plants back there (and they're not exactly thriving). I'm desperate to have some birds visit but so far all I see is the occasional magpie on a nearby rooftop.

Any suggestions about things do to attract birds to this frankly unattractive spot?

  • Hi canwirralgirl welcome to the community from Sheffield.

    You could try one feeder on a pole with sunflower hearts in it, most of the Tit family, Goldfinches and Sparrows love them.

    With you having houses around you I would get a feeder with a tray you can attach to the bottom to stop food being spilled on the floor and attracting Rats.

    Being where you are you may get some different birds dropping in that are passing over.

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