Ideas on how my wife can move camera geare between hides?

My wife us unable to now carry her camera and telephoto lenses due to back and hip problems. We have done bird photography, much on nature reserves with paths and increasingly having to use hides as she is unable to carry the gear over rough ground. We are looking for something to enable her to push (not pull as that causes problems) with here bag attached or in. We have looked at golf trolleys 4 wheeled looked the most stable but how to attach a camera bag? We are now looking a children’s buggy’s, but that’s desperation! It needs to be foldable, one trolley we looked at was useless as it hardly folded more required dismantling and reassembling each time and even then was very bulky. We have already cut the camera down to a Sony a77mk2 and the lightest zoom telephoto we could find. Any idea s would be most welcome, as so far it appears that as you age and are unable to carry equipment you have to stop being a photographer as there isn’t anything to carry equipment.
  • Hi John Just a quick google came up with a couple of ideas and a diy one

    Which reserves do you use?, a lot of them now have motorised buggies you can use.

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  • Hi John, welcome to the Community. I’ve seen some less mobile folks on reserves using mobility type roller trolleys such as you can see here. They have baskets/bags for carrying stuff, are very stable with brakes for extra stability and control, and also have a built in seat for if you need to take a break between destinations. I’m sure if you researched some of these you would find something suitable. I hope this may be of some help to you.

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  • In reply to Paul A:

    Nothing extra to add to Alan & Paul's suggestions, but I have certainly seen people with the sort of trolley in Alan's Amazon link on reserves, trundling round Big Whites (ie the big Canon lenses), which are obviously much bigger and heavier than your wife's kit so it would be more than up to the job.  I've even seen someone using an old child's tripper - it obviously works for him!

    Converting a golf buggy would likely need a few engineering skills to attach a basket, but maybe you can simply buy a bag and bungy cords to attach to one?  The golf bag normally sits on a little platform, should be large enough for a camera bag


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    Many thanks for ideas there are some ideas, but getting her to even look at some of them is not surprisingly a big problem!

  • In reply to John B:

    Welcome to the forum, and I'll endorse all the previous comments regarding RSPB reserves being disabled friendly.

    Your wife could consider using a bridge camera. These bridge cameras today are generally very good, look like a DSLR, have many of the DSLR features, except one, changeable lenses.

    Fear not, the lens that is often fitted to these bridge cameras has a very wide zoom range, which removes the need for changeable lenses, less gear to carry and the cameras themselves are often lighter and smaller.

    AS a disabled person myself, though I can walk with limitation and using crutches, I struggle with a DSLR and lenses, so I usually carry with my Canon 750D just the 18-55 and either the 75-300 or Sigma 150-600 contemporary. The camera bag often gets in the way.

    I also carry a medium size tripod on a tripod carrier, along with a fold up seat, which enables me to stop almost anywhere and rest my bad leg in relative comfort.

    You might like to have a look at Walking disabled: carrying a fold-up seat!

    Good luck with your quest, I hope you manage to find  solution.


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  • Hello john, many people use rollator walker or wheeled walker which can carry bags so that it is easy for you to put camera and your wife can move easily with it. Some of the light weight rollator are even fold able so it is easy to carry while going for photography.Hope this helps.