Missing Reserves on the web-Barfold Copse, Blar Nam Faoileag, Grange Heath, Stoborough Heath

I am looking for information on the following RSPB reserves, but for some reason they don't appear to be on the website. Help!

Barfold Copse



Blar Nam Faoileag

Grange Heath




Stoborough Heath


  • Sorry to bump up an old thread, but I'm actually wondering why there are quite a number of RSPB reserves that are are not in the list of RSPB reserve on the RSPB website or in the RSPB reserve handbook,which you can buy online including ones that you can visit and there's also reserves you can't visit as well as well not listed. I've found out by going through Google that you can actually visit Barfold Copse which is not listed on the RSPB website or RSPB reserve handbook. So why are there a number of RSPB reserves not listed either on the RSPB website or in the RSPB reserve handbook.



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    I'm bumping this thread again in the hope that some staff member from the RSPB can answer this question.



  • Morning Stephen.

    I am the Biking Birder 2015. My aim this year is to visit every RSPB reserve by cycling to them. I did this back in 2010 and found 3 of the 4 you mention here.

    Now concerning their whereabouts.

    Today I am visiting Barfold Copse. It's a minute woodland reserve between Horsham and Hindhead. It took me ages to find it back in 2010 but find it I did. There's no RSPB sign there but there is a dedication to someone I can't remember who.

    Now Stoborough and Grange Heath are both near Arne. In fact there is also Holton Heath in the area. Back in 2010 it was quite a shock when the warden at Arne showed me a map of the other reserves I knew nothing about!

    Now for the last one you mention, I know nothing about it. Didn't see it on the spreadsheet that Sandy sent me when I said that I wanted to do the cycling tour again, oh yes, I am cycling to them all. I will find out about that one.

    If you would like a copy of the spreadsheet of RSPB reserves then please email me at


    I am also on facebook:-

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    From what I found out some of the reserves not mentioned on the reserve list on the website are those where there are management agreements but no visitor access.

    The wealth of those reserves listed is so magnificent/ They provide a fabulous diversity of habitat and wildlife, as well as scenic location. I adore them all and think it a privilege to cycle to each and every one of them.

    Maybe see you at one of them one day.

    All the very best,

    Gary Prescott

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    I've managed to find some information about RSPB Resrve Holton Heath near Arne. Apparantly there's no public access allowed, because it seems there where test there on weapons during the Second World War and there are dangerous old mine shafts on that reserve making it extremely dangerous for public access. What sort of Birdlife or Wildlife on that reserve the article didn't say.



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    Here is a link to Holton Heath, as well as other Dorset nature reserves. Apparently there is access to a part of Holton Heath known as Sandford Heath.


    On the way there today.

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    I believe I've found Blar Nam Faoileag - it appears to be the easternmost part of Forsinard Flows reserve. 

    THOMO - I think you have to accept that there are reserves which the RSPB manages, but doesn't want to attract visitors to (at least not in large numbers) because they are sensitive sites and/or not staffed. This is why handbooks focus on the reserves with facilities, or at least signed trails. 

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    That's interesting that Blar Nam Faoileag to be part of Forsinard Flows.



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    After this discussion, I wondered how the Biking Birder would cope with the difficulties of visting Pilsey Island by bike - bit I see from his blog that he has managed to tick it off recently.

    This is a reserve which is on the web, but not in guide books, and you cannot actually set foot on it, just overlook it, from a footpath on which access is controlled by the MOD. I saw it the cheating way last weekend, from one of Chichester Harbour Conservancy's birdwatching cruises on their solar powered boat - recommended. 

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    I don't think he'll be able to take his bike to Havergate Island either.  They do run trips to the island in the warmer months, though I'm not sure how regularly.

    Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.

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    I received a reply to an email just before 5.00pm this evening from the RSPB about missing RSPB reserves on the list of reserves on the RSPB website and also in the RSPB reserve handbook and also some information about Barfold Copse. Here's the reply I received;

    Hello Ian, thanks for your email.

    We do have a few reserves which we don't advertise because they have few, if any facilities and are not set up for visitors. We may also avoid promoting them due to the ecological sensitivity of habitats or species there. Barfold Copse is one of those sites. It is a only a very small reserve and we don't look to promote this site as a visitor attraction.

    Best wishes,

    ..... ...,,,,