Volunteers needed to help with the community structure


My name's Dan and I'm working with the RSPB on a part-time basis to help improve the community. 

I'd really like to get a small group together so that I can ask you some questions and get a better idea about how the community is used by different people.

Don't worry, it won't be too onerous or require travelling, it'll just be a discussion group online 

If you're interested in helping, please follow the link below to a very quick survey so I can get an idea of your rough usage currently. For now at least, I'm really just looking for a handful of people, and for those with a range of interests - so for example, I'm keen to get people who are heavy users of the Loch Garten forum, but also people who aren't at all, hence one of the survey questions about this.

Please do bear in mind that this isn't directly related to the technical upgrade or any outstanding bugs/issues, so it's not going to be a forum for general feedback and questions, it'll just be about how the forums and blogs are structured to make everything as logical and easy to use as possible.

Once I have enough surveys completed, I'll send an invite to a few people to join the group. Please, please don't be offended if you fill out the survey and then don't hear any more, I only need a few people. I'll close the survey and this post as soon as I have enough, but being part-time it might still be open for a few days before I'm back to close it.

Thank you!

Click here to fill out survey