Osprey threads taking over all of the main part of this Community Forum

In my oppinion all of the Osprey threads are taking over the main homepage of this forum and i'm having to scrol down more and more pages to find other general birdwatching threads. Can the Moderators or any of the technical staff at the RSPB consider moving all the Osprey threads to a new seperate homepage within these forums as it would make life alot easier finding threads and posts that are not about Ospreys, despite them of course been very interesting at times to read. I don't want to sound very contraversial, but i'm trying to be constructive.



  • How about a separate tab at the top of the Community Page? There's clearly a lot of activity every day that folk want to hear about. Maybe that would help? It would probably make things easier for the Osprey Followers too if everything could be sourced from one point. Given the number of postings, replies and threads (two of which are in excess of 2,000), they clearly deserve their own link. I do sympathise as I have had postings end up on page 2 after only an hour, which can be frustrating when it has taken about 40 minutes to 'up' all the photos to the posting. This might benefit everyone in the long run. What do the Osprey fans think? Would a separate tab be welcomed (assuming it can be done)?

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    I have to agree too that I am missing a lot of general threads which are ending up on pages 2, 3, 4  etc, when they are less than an hour or so old due to the amount of Osprey postings at this busy period.   Before anyone jumps to wrong conclusion I have abolutely nothing against the wonderful Ospreys and threads !  the Osprey followers have just as much right to post as the other threads do and are of great interest to many people but i feel it would benefit all if the Ospreys had their own Tab which linked directly to Ospreys;  it would assist everyone and the Osprey followers would gain immediate access to their own tab which I think would benefit everyone.   I love ALL threads but do agree that often folk are spending valuable time posting up their threads along with adding time consuming photos only to have them disappear off the radar without a single reply which is disappointing to say the least.    


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    This problem started a few years ago when it was decided to integrate all the Groups into the main forum. The LG Group and the others are able to go directly to their group without ever having to access the main page. Those of us who have no particular affiliation to a group have no choice but to access the threads via the homepage. I don't think a special tab for the Ospreys would help if all their postings still continue to appear on the homepage.

    I think there's a simple solution but I'll bet they won't do it. If you put a filter at the top of the Homepage which said "Your groups" which only showed postings if you were a member of that group it would cut out all the extraneous threads. It can be done for "Unanswered", "Unread" and "Your discussions" so why not for "Your groups".

    Failing that perhaps we should have our own group called, perhaps, "Not the LG Group". I jest of course.

    I must admit that the rapid turnover of threads is putting me off posting much these days or to spend the time searching for threads I've missed..



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    I overcame this problem by setting "wildlife forums" as the favourites / bookmark page so when I open the community pages it opens at the list of available forums missing out the home page.As the main Osprey news I am interested in is any moving local birds so I do not need to see all the Scottish news but can put the odd ones I might wish to follow occasionally in bookmarks.May sound rubbish but it works for me and since upgrading to Windows 7 very little waiting about.


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    A solution would obviously benefit just about everyone,why doesn't it happen.

    Because that good old British disease "cannot be bothered".

    Talk about "Give Nature A Home"

    How about giving the Loch Garten Group a home of its own,surely it would benefit all those who do not go that site.

    Can never understand why any of the groups come on the main home page,keep that for the general use.

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    I'm afraid none of the suggestions ever came into being. Why they changed from the original style of the forum i will never know. The style of this forum came into being from the original just after i joined onto this forum, which now seems like an eternity and although during that time we've asked for improvements with all the problems that have happened here, nothing has changed and it must be at least 2 years since these problems started with all the changes, although it might be longer as time has flown by. It's been very disapointing to say the least.