Adding your own avatar

We have provided a selection of friendly avatars for you to choose from but, if you want to create your own, here's how.

You need to create an image with the following properties:

  1. Jpeg or gif format (in other words, the filename ends in .jpg or .gif)
  2. 90 pixels wide and 90 pixels high
  3. The image name should have no spaces in it ("mycat.jpg" is fine, "my cat.jpg" is not)

When you have created the image, save it onto your Desktop (or somewhere equally handy).

To add it to your profile, you need to visit your page (click the My page link in the black bar at the top of all RSPB Community pages). Then click the "Edit profile" link.

On the right hand side of the "Edit profile" page, you can see your existing avatar image. To change it, click the "Change avatar" link. This will pop up a new window.

Click the "Upload my own avatar" tab and you'll see a box with a "Browse..." button next to it. Use the "Browse..." button to locate the image you created on your Desktop.

Finally, click the "Use the image" button to update your avatar.

You're done!

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