No mess feed/feeder

Have recently moved and a big drawback of the new house is that I have virtually no windows overlooking the small garden. I have a few feeders out still, but would love to have one where I can actually see it.

A window feeder would be ideal, but the windows open onto the road, and I don't think the neighbours would be too happy if I set up a feeder that leaves lots of seeds/mess on the verge.

What are peoples' thoughts on the best feeders/feed that leaves as little mess as possible?

  • Good question.

    I don't think there is a mess free feeder for two reasons.

    1. For many birds its akin to shovelling coal from a coal bunker, and even the most expert coal shoveller's leave some mess.
    2. Very often birds will take something out and discard it, either because it doesn't suit them, of possibly, to help ground feeding birds find food.

    Unless someone can tell us otherwise, it may be a case of placing something to collect the dispelled food.


    Flickr Peak Rambler