Robins next

Hi , while out doing some gardening few days ago  , I chopped down a dead tree & general tiding up & ive disturbed a nest with 6 white eggs , I think they are Robin eggs , since then I've not noticed any Robins or any birds return , had 2 Robins sit on our fence today but not seen any birds go near nest ( the nest in a bush in our garden) 


  • This is not the time of year to be chopping and cutting back in the garden. This needs to be done in the back end when nesting is over and birds are away from the nests, boxes can be cleaned out then also. Robin eggs are white with a Matt finish and have fine brown lines, they would nest tucked away in the bushes. It could well be that the birds have been disturbed and have abandoned the nest. It is not just the Robin, if a nest is disturbed by cats, prey or human, this can happen.

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    That's fine if you know about the nest , I didn't know we had a nest till it was to late , this was my reason for asking
  • I’ve done the exact same thing here. I chopped down a hedge and the mom wouldn’t come back. They was almost dead so I took them in and now I’ve had them 3 weeks. All so strong and wonderful. They are also robins but not 100% sure