Please help!! I disturbed a nest

Okay first please dont judge me for this I am not very bird knowledgeable. 

so basically I put a bird out up and a robin was going in and out which I did know and was soo happy to have them in our garden.

but this year I decided to build a pergola, long story short the bird house was in the way so i thought well ill just move it to the front of the pergola 

when i took the top of after unscrewing it i noticed eggs but still i thought be fine she will just see it and use it there as it was not far from the old spot

straight away when I hung it i realised i made a huge mistake as she was flying all over the old spot constantly looking, i quickly put it back and prayed she went back, which she did go back in.

but i haven't noticed her come out at all in last 4 hours usally its quite active! I realised it was stupid now and should have done my homework im happy to leave the project till she has finished with the nest but have I completely scared her off! I dont know if she staying in there or abandoned it??? 

  • Hello, well you have realised your mistake and will leave the project until later on in the year. If the Robin has gone back to the box where it originally was, then she could well keep using it. She will not just stay in there and not come out again. It could be that as you say there were eggs, she may be sitting on them now. Hopefully all will be well.

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