New home, new garden... HELP


So I'm trying my hardest to turn my garden into a haven for wildlife and I'm just a bit stumped on; one where do I start and two can I even do it with two dogs?!

I would love to put a wildlife pond in but have minimal money? Is there a way to do it that doesn't cost a fortune? And also do I need a pump/water feature?

My garden is rather long and already a tiny but wild down the bottom of the garden... Today I found 2 toads relaxing. 

If love to have some ideas on where to even start. 

I'll attach some photos so you can see what I'm dealing with? Hopefully some words of encouragement or/and advice


  • Hi & welcome to the community first thought is that it could be done if you cordon off a section for wildlife that your dogs cannot access, this will give you & any birds/creatures visiting peace of mind!
    Not necessary to have pump or water feature in a purely wildlife pond, only if you intend to keep fish do you need to oxygenate!
    You can start a wildlife pond in any large leakproof container, DIY shops always sell large rubble containers quite cheaply which you could sink into the ground, just put some gravel/pebbles in the bottom & a couple of water plants & let it mature, watch what finds it, birds will love having the water to drink but please remember to place shallow dishes of water for them to bathe in!
    Hope this helps?


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  • Hi GB, welcome from up in the very far north of Scotland, in Caithness. Wendy has given advice re a pond, so some ideas re the garden. I see there are established trees behind/at the fence. That is good for a start as the birds like to have trees, shrubs, bushes to hide in and under and to take food back to, to eat. You could hang feeders from those trees, to start with maybe some bird seed, peanuts or sunflower hearts. Once you get an interest, and they will come, you could try other foods. You could have a bird table also if you wished, with different feeders hanging from those. Some simple, dishes, plastic pot bases or anything shallow makes good feeders or baths? For the bees and butterflies, you could plant shrubs and flowers that they like. If you don't want borders, plant in tubs and that way you can move them around. For bigger shrubs though you would need to plant in the ground. Just google and see what you may fancy. Good luck, let us know how you get on.

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