Can you help setting up a bird feeder?

I've just moved into a first floor flat from a house with a garden where I had several bird feeders set up.  I would dearly love to have bird feeders once again but can't figure out where to put them; I have no balcony or private outdoor space, my bedroom and living windows overlook a service road behind the shops over which I live.  Any realistic suggestions would be most welcome.


  • Hello Nena, you could use the feeders that sucker onto the glass, maybe at the back of your flat away form the noise or are there any green spaces with trees and or shrubs near that you could maybe hang some feeders, and view even if via binoculars. Good luck.

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  • Hi Nena, we have bird feeders in our garden, but I also have a plastic window feeder, (Easy to attach with suckers)which I put sunflower hearts, and chopped up peanuts, as well as a small piece of suet log, and pinch of mealworms. It was not noticed for a few weeks, but now we have a steady stream of birds, mainly blue tits, great tits, and robins. I have to fill it most days as it's now very popular. Good luck, I do hope you have some feathered customers soon, they are so wonderful to watch.

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    You can buy window feeders that hold onto your window sill. I hope this helps