Beep beep beep Call

Hello, wonder if someone could help me identify a bird call I hear occasionally in my garden 

It goes Beep Beep Beep , always 3 Beeps , always monotone single note , but clear , high pitch . The call takes about a second & a half to complete the 3 Beeps , at around 5 second intervals 

Any help much appreciated 



  • Hi Craig

    As a first guess Coal Tits typically have a three note song although sometimes it's extended to four as you will hear in the following clip

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    Of course, if you could get a recording a more certain ID may be possible



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  • Thanks for your prompt response Tony , but no it's not that one , there's only one note in the call repeated exactly the same 3 times , wait 5 seconds and it does it again and again , it's something I've heard before also in a different location , I love birds but if I could put a label on this call ... I'd call it "annoying" haha , still would love to know what it is though .
    Not an expert and don't want to send anyone else up the wrong path , but I would say the call sounded as if it came from a bird slightly bigger than a coal tit
  • i have no idea, but what I can offer is the following link, which has for most birds the varying calls they make, song, alarm, and others. Probably the first birds to start with would be known garden birds.


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  • Thanks all for your ideas , I'll give that link a try Mike