Tawny owl

We hear one or two tawny owls most nights on the periphery of our garden, however we have only been hearing the hooting sound and haven't heard the kee-wick noise for quite sometime. Does this mean that there are only males in our woodland and no females as I thought the females make the kee-wick noise? 

  •  Even though the Tawny Owl is the most Common Owl in the UK. It is probably the most difficult Owl of all the different UK Owl’s in the UK. The reason why! The Tawny Owl is the most nocturnal owl of  all the different Owl species in the UK!



  • Hi, thanks 4 your reply. What are your thoughts on whether I just have male Tawny's as I am only hearing the hòohoo call these days and I used to hear both the kewick and hooting noise simultaneously.
  • Hi, it's probably about 2 years :(
  • Hi, thank you that is what I thought. There hasn't been any significant developments. One thing that has changed is we are hearing Mr Tawny most evenings as it is going dark really close to us and I have seen him a few times too. Hopefully he will attract a female, I might sit and listen intently one night when I hear him to see if I can hear a female.