Is this a mouse or a young rat?


So, the short story is. I've been hearing loud scratching and gnawing in the loft on and off (I've probably been asleep most of the time) for around 3 weeks - only really noticed upon waking between 2-4am.

Finally managed to get a rat/mouse trap through the post. I set it last night with a bit of peanut butter as bait.

Lo and behold, this morning when I woke up and went to check the trap, there's was a little rodent inside.

I still can't work out if it's a mouse or a young rat. It looks like a mouse in some photos and then from side on when it walks it looks more like a young rat.

I took a few photos of it before letting it go (though not far enough from my house due to current non essential driving restrictions).

So what is it? Mouse? Small rat?