Wild doves re homed please share your experiences

I am thrilled that two wild doves tumbler doves perhaps have made use of a dove cote I attached to my wall as their home was boarded up which upset me as I have been feeding and watching these doves for a year or two. They have now started to build a nest, and although shy, are curious as to my gardening, but are very comfortable with me. I am so amazed, as many have said its somewhat impossible to set up a home for them, but there you go. One is white with small flecks of light brown, the other white also with faint blue and tan colouring.and white, both are delicate to look at. They now, have chicks. So exciting. There is a dove cote in the neighbourhood, and amazingly, these wild doves have bred with white doves hence these lovely colours. I would love to hear from any of you who have been able to provide a home for these beautiful birds.